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The only wall in my “woman cave” (a.k.a. Sewing room) that is over 4 ft tall is the wall that includes two closet doors. All other walls go up to 4 ft and then slant towards the ceiling. I have been using the wall as a design “wall” – up to now!

Sometime during the past year, my “secret quilter” gave me a portable design wall as a gift. I was thrilled! Immediately after the first thrill, I started trying to figure out how to use it. I only saw three possibilities: the wall on the stairs leading upstairs, the wall that has the window in it, and the wall with the closet doors. The stairs – hazardous to my health; the window wall- would make the room look like a cave. So the only possibility left was closet doors: I asked Charlie if we could mount a rod above the closet doors and hang the design wall from it…..within a couple of days (and after putting several holes in the wall to find the studs) it was done!

And here is my GORGEOUS new design wall:


The blocks on the design wall are Anette Ornelas’ Carolina Dogwoods Pattern:


It is a gorgeous quilt – I loved it the moment I saw (like I love a lot of her designs)……

I am making this quilt for a young friend who has a very modern aesthetic. So I decided to modify the layout a little bit; I will scatter blooms and leaves on a grungy white background. I cannot wait to see how it turns out!