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I recently read a book, that among some great, very interesting information on general nutrition, also has some great hints in it. I have started following some of their advice…..from this information came this breakfast omelet:

Take one whole egg and one egg white and beat them together. Add one or two teaspoons of water (this makes the eggs fluffy) and season with pepper and very little salt (depending on what cheese you are using, some cheeses are very salty) – set aside.

Take some chopped vegetables: I always use a handful of spinach, then I add some chopped vegetables (whatever I have at home, usually chopped onion, tomato or mushroom or all three). Sauté the vegetables in a skillet coated with cooking spray.


Remove the vegetables from the pan and set aside.

Pour the eggs into the pan over medium to low heat and let them set. When they have, spread the vegetables on one half of the omelet and too with a LITTLE cheese. Remember, cheese is not a condiment – usually less than 1/2 ounce is plenty! I like goat cheese because of its robust flavor, and creamy consistency when warm…


Fold the half of the omelet that does not have the vegetable on it, over the other half and serve!

This is power food at its best – by leaving out the egg yolks you have eliminate a lot of fat and by packing it with vegetables you are getting a healthy, but very satisfying and filling breakfast.