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Bad weather is predicted for our area starting late this afternoon (Tuesday), continuing through the night and into tomorrow morning.

So, the entire State started shutting down yesterday afternoon! Schools are closed today and tomorrow, and the stores have been bought out of milk, eggs, bread and other necessities.

I guess our children are so over-educated that they can afford to miss an entire day of school for no reason….I do not comprehend why we could not let kids go to school today (Tuesday) since all predictions are that the bad weather is not going to start until after 4:00 p.m. tonight. Most schools are done between 2:30p.m. and 3:30 p.m. so even with a full day of school most children would be safe at home if just after school programs and activities were cancelled.

I would understand if “early release” had been instituted for today, and I do understand the necessity for canceling school tomorrow. I agree that safety (school bus safety included) should be paramount! But common sense still has to prevail….

For as long as I have been living in North Carolina (almost 15 years), I have been hearing how “we live in the South and Southerners don’t know how to deal with this weather”. Well, we’ve had storms and icy conditions EVERY winter. At which point are we supposed to learn how to deal with it? Granted, the conditions are milder than they are in other places, and their duration is shorter, but they still occur each year.

So can we please out on our big girl/big boy pants and deal with the conditions appropriately and reasonably? And can we teach our kids that their education is important, that we take it seriously and that we as adults can lead by example?