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It appears that my days’ flow has changed significantly! Since I took on a more active role in my quilting guild, and also got my job back, I am a lot busier.

Trying to fulfill all my responsibilities, a new routine has developed – almost by accident. I am an early riser (believe it or not, I get up before the dogs do!). I make coffee and then settle on the couch. While the show(s) that I may have recorded the previous night is running, I catalog books from the guild library. this is a VERY time consuming task but I think will greatly improve the accessibility and usefulness of the library.

When it starts getting light outside, I wake up the dogs, let them outside and give them fresh water. Then, I make breakfast – I use the term “make” loosely, since sometimes that just consists of opening the fridge and getting a cup of yogurt.

After that, there is housework, then rental paperwork, and after that I usually plan on either going to work or going upstairs to get some quilting done. Inevitably, somewhere in between there something unexpected happens and the plan changes. It appears that the first few morning hours, are the only constant and the only ones I can count on being totally mine..

I like the solitude, I like having my thoughts to myself and I like seeing the light starting to come through the window as the day gets going outside….

We had was is termed a “minor” storm yesterday, that brought 4″ of snow in a space of six hours. This morning, the reflection of the snow brought a bright light through the window and with it an excitement to get the day going!

Today, the “main” storm is supposed to come through. Schools, City and County governments are closed, and everyone is encouraged to stay home – so, we will stay home!