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“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” (Unofficial U.S. Postal Service Motto).

As most everyone knows, we have had some pretty difficult weather here for the past week. We had approx 4″-6″ of snow (something we are not used to) and 1″-2″ thick ice (something we are not used to).

We are getting used to however, closed schools, closed businesses and no mail. This week’s school closures were, I believe, fully warranted as the conditions on the roads and the inability of southern drivers to drive in this mess would have put school buses at great peril. A lot of businesses closed proactively, some others had no choice. Our local grocery store had to close Wednesday afternoon, because (as the manager told me) almost none of his employees were able to make it to work. Yesterday, store shelves were fairly bare as the store, that usually receives truck deliveries every day, had not received any for almost a week.

All this did not upset/surprise/bewilder me in the least….and then, I realized: we had received our newspaper EVERY day through out the bad weather, and had NOT received any mail since Monday…

Now, if you consider that the newspaper carrier has to deliver the papers basically in the middle of the night, while it is dark and much colder than it is during the day (which means the danger of black ice is much greater), and the mail carrier does his job during daylight hours in much better conditions, you start to wonder – maybe they don’t take their motto quite as seriously…yet, their prices keep going up and their service keeps going down.

Enough said?

Not really – we don’t know our newspaper carrier, and I doubt he/she reads this blog, but he/she deserves our thanks.