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I have not posted for a while – work, life and other responsibilities sometimes (most of the time) take priority over things we REALLY want to do….and then, at the end of the day, one’s brain is just too tired…

I am NOT complaining, because really, life is good – just explaining…

Ok so here is what I am currently working on: I found a free pattern on Craftsy that caught my eye – it is called “Weeping Angel, Dr. Who Quilt Pattern” and it was created by whimsandfancies.com (I have been told that Dr. Who is a movie, that I have never heard of, which is not surprising since I am not exactly a movie buff). I just like the image, and so I decided to make this as a wall hanging.

I enlarge the pattern a bit, and then I went on to try and find fabrics in my stash…at first, I wanted it to look like a statue, so I looked through my greys. Then, I considered the batiks but the colors I have just did not seem appropriate. After that, I turned to browns and tans, and suddenly – there it was! The perfect background fabric:


From there, I went on the hunt for two coordinating small scale, discreet prints. I chose these two:



Then (last weekend) I went to work. the pattern has 16 pages of paper pieced sections, some sections having up to 20 pieces (the whole pattern has approx 300 pieces. Needless to say, it did not go quite as fast as I had envisioned. I had intended to add this to Quiet Play’s “Paper Piecing Party” last weekend, but all I had completed but the end of the weekend was the wing!


I am now working on the rest of it – I will keep you posted on the progress!!


(The photo above is the pattern author’s piece)