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I will be the first one to admit that I am addicted to television. It is constantly on, in whatever room I am in, usually on CNN (I am just as addicted to news as I am to TV).

Yesterday evening, just as I was ready to turn in, I discovered that something was wrong with the TV (so I thought) in the bedroom. BHE has this elaborate (for me elaborate) hookup: speakers, amplifier, cable box, DVD player – so for me, what was not working and why was a mystery! After BHE spent half an narrowing things down and ruling things out, we realized it was the cable box that was acting up. We spent an additional hour trying to reboot the thing and another half an hour in an online chat with the cable company – finally, we were given a Saturday morning appointment for a technician to come fix it.

I know how much my husband loves me…but it is those little things that prove it every day: him coming out of his recliner, after he has been working to repair a rental house all day, to come and fiddle around with the cable box, so that I am comfortable.

I also know how hooked I am to TV – but I think in the big scheme of things and as bad habits go, this is a small one. Of course, I am not sure I’ll be saying this tonight when I am trying to go to sleep and can’t watch TV!