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I attend several sewing groups – not all of them every time they meet, mainly because of time constraints!

I try to go to each of them at least every other time they meet because they all are attended by people I consider my friends (I am lucky!); very talented people!

The other day, Elaine, who attends class with me on Wednesday, and who usually sits a few tables down, quietly, petitely working away on her project presented us with a stunner.


She is making a quilt for her little grandson, who loves tractors and vehicles. She came up with the design, and setting, and the quilt is, let me say it again, stunning!

She embroidered several kinds of vehicles (the ones shown here are only a small sampling) on pieces of muslin and then added the perfect fabric for sashing and borders.





I, for my part cannot wait to see it completed. Each time she adds a section the quilt becomes more beautiful. I think her grandson will be pleased, and I hope he and his parents will consider this piece a priceless heirloom.

Oh, and they are expecting a little girl soon – I would love to see what Elaine comes up with for her!