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Based on several reviews that I read online, and some recommendations by friends, I bought myself a Fitbit One yesterday (BHE says he will make it my birthday gift). By the time I had gotten it home, and set it up, it was a little after noon.

By the end of the day, I had walked a little over 4800 steps (out of a recommended 10,000). The Fitbit also monitors sleep, and syncs all the data it collects to my phone and online account.

The Fitbit is not a magic wand that will miraculously make me lose weight or improve my activity level….it is a TOOL that will assist me in achieving these goals, and provide me with information in how I am doing. The magic wands are in my head: they are my commitment, and my determination.

To date, I have done pretty well, remaining active and keeping moving. Most of what I do is pretty sedentary, and quilting is definitely a sedentary activity so I have to consciously keep moving.

With that improvement in activity has come some weight loss (less than I would like) but I will keep on trucking – since I do not wish to be one of these old ladies whose bones creek when she gets up off a chair or who moans each time she moves! d