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This past weekend, Charlie took an overnight trip in order to spend some time with granddaughter Channing and grandson Gabriel (and their parents of course!)….

Charlie loves roses (or is it rose bushes?), so I decided to seize the opportunity and surprise him with a “mini” rose garden, when he got back.

When Charlie worked at the local community college, he met Denise. Denise loves everything plant! Denise works in the landscaping department at the college, and really knows her stuff! She is like a walking about encyclopedia of horticulture……

Denise has also become a really good friend, first to Charlie and then also to me. She is straight forward, brutally honest, intensely loyal and wickedly funny!


So, on her birthday, Denise decided to help me with Charlie’s rose garden. We started out mid-morning, went to the nursery, the garden supply store and home improvement store. We picked up red, white and yellow roses, pink knockout bushes, a gardenia and a couple of daisies. I also bought a couple of tomatoe plants and some herbs….



We planted the roses and gardenias, but did not plant the daisies and vegetables (Denise says it is too early). The very minute we put the shovel down and patted down the last bit of dirt, it started raining – a welcome development when you’re done planting!



Charlie came back, and was surprised and pleased with his rose garden! And both he and I, once again realized that good friends, even though you may not see them or speak to them every day are there for good!