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Last week our friend Denise and I planted roses as a surprise for BHE….

We had a few hiccups with the sprinklers – We planted the roses near the sprinklers, so they could be properly watered. A few days later, I turned on the sprinklers in order to water them, and……nothing!

After consulting with my technical expert (BHE), he said that a pipe under the deck was broken and that prevented the sprinkle from working properly. So, I watered the roses with a water hose and one by one (I am not a patient person). The next morning, BHE got up, and despite suffering from a bad cold, crawled under the deck and fixed the broken pipe.

Happily, I turned the sprinklers on! They are working! Except, they are all spraying AWAY from the roses! So, once again, BHE dragged himself out there and took care of the situation!

And when he was done, he came back with these:



Starting to wonder who is enjoying the beauty of the rose garden more, Charlie or I?