I have been working in this quilt orf a few months, and written a couple if posts along the way…

Last Sunday, I presented it at Show & Tell at our local guild. I think it was received well.

I decided it enter it at a quilt show (taking place next month); I have sent in the entry form but have not received confirmation whether it has been accepted – I am on pins and needles!


This is quite a large quilt…the pattern was Annette Ornelas’ Carolina Dogwoods. I created an alternate setting for it, as I wanted it to have a modern flair.

I used “white grunge” as the background fabric. It had to be cut very carefully, as it is directional!


I used batiks for the blooms, and two different shades of green (that are not batiks) for the leaves. Most of the blooms have a little contrasting color for the underside of the petals (in some blooms I used the same fabric as the petals). I added a few beads to the center of each flower, just for a tad more realism.

One side is the more “girly” side, with blooms in shades of orange and magenta, white the other side is more masculine, with the blooms being more blue and/or purple. Unifying both sides are the leaves, which have the same two colors.

I quilted it quite simply, because I wanted it to look as if the blooms and leaves are floating on the top of a lake. The blooms are quilted individually, and so are the leaves (phew, the numbers if thread changes!)


All in all, I am happy with the way it turned out.