Sounds like a movie title, right? It should be – the movie of how my waist, hips and behind are expanding rapidly!

Some of you know that I am spending a few days with my Austrian relatives in Vienna: my mom, BOTH my uncles (which is always a show and a treat), my sister, niece and some of my cousins.

My uncle Paul threw together a little breakfast – see photo below:



As you can see, there are boiled eggs, at least four varieties if cheese, three varieties if cold cuts and several different kinds if bakery items. Also, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Today (Sunday), my sister prepared breakfast for us. Cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, chives, avocado), fruit (strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe), spreads (Nutella, several varieties of jams and jellies, fava beans, spekulatius), a basket with savory breads and rolls, a tray with sweet pastries, a filled rolled sponge cake – and those are just the things I remember!


To drink, there were coffee, tea, hot chocolate and several kinds of juices.



(I did not take a photo of the “regular” coffee, but you can see it sitting on the table in the photo above).

This was just breakfast! I knew I missed the food from home, but I did not realize how much…..