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Yesterday (Monday) we flew from Vienna to Athens. My sister, nephews and dad live here, and I was excited to see them!

We arrived at the airport, got rid of our luggage, and made our way through security to the gate. all this seemed to involve even more walking that at any other airport we have been so far, which was great for me but caused BHE some discomfort 😉 (he generally walks from the front door to the car).

We knew that because of the time difference with Greece, transit times, and Greek eating habits being different we would not get anything until late afternoon – so we decided to look for something small to eat near the gate.

We were in luck! Directly in front of our gate was a little shop that served Paninnis, small sandwiches, muffins and of course several kinds of coffees and other beverages.


Charlie chose a ham & cheese & tomato, and I picked a “veggie” (zucchini, feta cheese, eggplant, mushroom). After coming out of the panini press, they were put in a neat little bag and handed to us.


Since the little shop was directly in front of our gate, all we had to do was turn around and enter the gate area – but, not so fast! Just as we did that, I looked up and saw a sign informing us that the gate had been changed and that we had to trek clear across the airport! Charlie was not pleased and time was short! We walked VERY fast, since BHE refused to run and got to our new gate in time to eat our Paninnis (that by now had gotten cold) before boarding….still, it was very, very good!

During the flight, we were presented with a little cardboard box that was described as our “meal”. It contained a set of plastic flatware, a cellophane wrapped stale roll, and a little plastic tray containing maybe 3 oz. of pasta with tomato sauce…and oh yes, dessert (a stale piece of candy).


I have no photo of the contents of the meal-box (which may actually be better).

But I do have a photo of the *very* cute display of muffins at the shop where we got the Paninnis….


Just in case it has not become clear so far, airport food won, hands down, over airline food.