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I have been taking tons of photographs since arriving in Athens – of family, friends, interesting objects and sites and tons of the FOOD!

Yesterday we went to a “ζαχαροπλαστείο” (pastry shop), where after I had taken about a dozen shots, someone who thought he is in a position of authority told me that “photography is not allowed”….

There are if course, several trains of thought on the matter:

My opinion is that as long as I am in a public place, I should be able to take pictures freely. In addition, I don’t understand what he was/is trying to guard – I was not taking pictures in a jewelry shop where security may be an issue, nor was I trying to photograph their recipes….

In my mind, prohibiting me from taking pictures will only discourage me from coming back. Also, when I blog about an establishment I usually give credit (name, location, etc.); I am not inclined to do this here. And, I had already taken about a dozen shots.

My mom and my uncle think that the minute I crossed his threshold, I entered into his “private sphere” and he had every right to forbid me from this activity.

Regardless of the legal state of things (which I would also like to know), I’d love to know your opinions on the matter.