Yesterday was Election Day in North Carolina. And it was also my birthday.

I have been volunteering for the Board of Elections in my county for several years now. I work in a polling place, facilitating the voting process. I am PROUD to be permitted to do this and committed to ensure that in the precinct where I am assigned elections are administered properly.

We are so very fortunate in this county, because everyone at the local Board of Elections is more committed than I am. Regardless of our political persuasions we all want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to vote.

Unfortunately, way too few people take advantage of this opportunity – yesterday’s turnout was dismal! Our precinct has a little less than 2,000 voters; only 258 voted. That is less than 13%!!! And the county did not fair much better – generally all precincts had 12.3% of their voters show up.

Voting is a right, a responsibility and a privilege….corny I know, but I really feel that way. It saddens me that people don’t care, and don’t care to be informed.

Most all that don’t vote and to whom I have spoken, will say something like “all politicians are Crooks”, “I don’t know enough about the candidates”, “my vote won’t change anything”, or “I don’t have the time”….none of which are valid arguments in my book!

So, everyone, enough with the explanations and excuses and go VOTE people!