One of my friends gave me a great birthday present last week: a rose bush!


Just the day before, BHE and I had been discussing an empty spot along our fence line, next to the mini rose garden I had planted for him.

Yesterday afternoon, I dug a hole and planted the rose bush, and wondered if we will now have a “war of the roses” at our house! (Will my rose bush do better than his rose garden?)

The thought quickly left me because, just like most other things at our house, there is a division of labor: I watch over the sprinkler system (the watering) and Charlie takes care if feeding, pruning and the like.

We both hope that all of the roses thrive in our little garden, and that they will grow tall – so tall, that they will cover the back fence.

Stay tuned, and wish us rain! (All of our plants grow much better with rain than with sprinkler water)….