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For me, being organized does not come naturally – it takes a great deal of effort. Because of that, I am always looking for new ways to keep my space organized easily.

I have a shelf in my closet (in my sewing room) where I have been putting batting remnants. They are very useful because they can be used for small projects, or to add to a piece of batting that is just a bit short.

Over the weekend, I decided that it was time to get those remnants organized. I measured each one, writing the measurement on a piece of blue painter’s tape (starting with the small measurement) and placing the tape on the fold of the piece of batting.

Then, I divided the pieces into three categories: pieces smaller than 6″, pieces 6″ – 10″, and pieces larger than 10″ on their smaller sides. I put the smaller two categories in shoe boxes and labeled them accordingly. And yes, I know, the boxes are not covered with pretty fabric, or decorated in some imaginative way – nothing fufu, just shoe boxes with a piece of tape.


The third category were placed neatly on a shelf.


Then, I taped a piece of paper on the inside of the closet door on which I had written the measurements of all those pieces:



When I add a piece, I can just write it on the list, and when I use a piece I can scratch it off.

Now, when I need a piece, I don’t have to go digging through a pile of remnants, or get frustrated because I cannot find what I need….what I need is easily found!