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Last year in May, I brought home a scrawny little blackberry bush.  I planted it in a corner of our backyard and called it “an experiment”.  I was trying not to get too attached to the bush itself or to the idea of having blackberries, fresh from my own yard.

Here is what the bush looked like in May of 2013:

photo 3(It is the tiny little plant you see between the vegetable bed and the plant in the corner.)

This is what the blackberry bush looks like today:

It is laden with blooms that are slowly turning into fruit.  The two awful cold storms we had destroyed my avocado tree and my gardenias, but apparently did not harm the blackberry bush.  Even the fact that I forgot/missed the opportunity to cut it back seems to not have bothered it.  It kept on growing and will (I hope) give us some great fruit!

This unintended success, and the fact that the neighbor acquired a German Shepherd that causes our dogs to bark at the fence that separates them every chance they get, caused me to ask BHE to get us a raspberry bush.  The idea was, that I would plant it at the section of the fence that attracts the most commotion when all the dogs (ours and the neighbors’) are outside and that would hopefully create an additional barrier between them. So, BHE (Best Husband Ever) went out and came home with…..another blackberry bush.  Not bad, since I REALLY like blackberries.

photo 3And here it is in relation to the rest of our back yard:

photo 4This morning, I stopped by the nursery down the street, and found some very healthy looking raspberry and blueberry bushes (blueberries being BHE’s favorite fruit)….I am thinking one of each would fit really nicely in the unused space in the empty space above!