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Our Air Conditioner is down. When Charlie first called me with the news, I admit I wasn’t thrilled – quite the opposite.

He called our AC company (who is fabulous!) and they responded immediately. Within one hour, R & R Refrigeration’s Rich had diagnosed the problem and was working on the solution. I won’t bore you all with the details but the problem cannot be solved in a day….we are likely to be without AC until Friday.

It is currently quite warm in North Carolina and our house’s insulation is not ideal (it is one of the items on our home improvement list). Charlie and I both grew up without AC; even though we have gotten used to it, we don’t perceive the temporary lack of it to be the end of the world.

All that being said, I was hard pressed to find the positive in this situation – until, I walked into the kitchen this morning.

A few days ago, I started making “προζυμι” (easy starter). It is a starter for bread made without yeast. The process takes several days because the starter needs to ferment. A cool, well air conditioned kitchen is not conducive to this process at all! The fact that the AC is out and the kitchen was “warmer” (understatement!) than normal yesterday, greatly aided in my starter getting started.

In addition, in order for the house to stay somewhat cool we opened all the windows this morning while it is still cool, and created a cross breeze. It is gorgeous in here! We can here the birds chirping in the trees outside and we can smell the dew and the grass outside!

So today, my glass is definitely more half full than half empty!