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The NC Quilt Symposium is taking place in Wilmington, NC this year. A couple of friends and I have entered quilts in their quilt show; yesterday was quilt drop off day. So, the four if us piled into my (generous) husband’s truck and started off for the 2 hour drive to the Coast.

BHE had spent the previous day spit shining the inside and outside of the truck, and so we felt as if we were riding in complete luxury!

I like these rides – the weather was beautiful yesterday, a nice warm summer day, the route was familiar and so we were able to engage in conversation. One has no idea the things friends will discuss when alone in a car! (Several topics will not be mentioned here because WordPress would withdraw my permission to publish).

We arrived at the drop off location and got in line. We could get a glimpse of other participants’ quilts, which made me want to take my projects back to the car and back home! When one of my friends who also felt that way said that out loud, I shared with her that I don’t enter my quilts in competitions with the expectation of winning – I enter them because I want the judges’s critique.

But the best comment came from the lady in line behind us. She said, that we enter quilts in shows because we are sharing them with others who would otherwise not get to see them.


I think she, as opposed to the rest of us has the right perspective. I know there are many out there who make quilts for the accolades and recognition or for other, worthwhile reasons. I like her outlook – she wants to share with others what she has made. Now, I would not be surprised if I walked into the Quilt Show next week and her quilt(s) have ribbons on them!!