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Last week when my three friends and I drove to Wilmington to drop off our show quilts, we also visited a couple of quilt shops. While there, we asked for recommendations for lunch. I always ask locals, and also specify that I would prefer not to eat at a chain restaurant.

This is not always a successful strategy and does not always yield good results, but often it does – as it did on Friday.

The place that got raving reviews, was the “South College Deli” (aptly named so because it is on South College Street). It is a non-descript looking little place, tucked away in a strip mall. It appears to have a large following; the place was packed the entire time we were there.

All of us ordered the house specialty “Beef on Weck”. It is a roast beef sandwich, on a roll, served with horseradish, horseradish sauce, au jous as well as freshly made-on-site potato chips. The rolls are also baked on site.

This was a great sandwich. The roll was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the beef was warm and juicy, and the sauces (like the rest of the meal) were clearly fresh!

I am generally not a big fan of potato chips and so, not an expert. But these were crispy, moderately salted and did not become soggy or greasy as our meal progressed. And, they are served with ranch dressing for dipping! Now, I am a fan!

The sandwich was good in another, for me important, way: most breads or rolls that involve juicy ingredients become soggy almost instantly after they are built. This one does not – bite after bite you taste bread, beef and whatever sauce you have chosen to put on your sandwich (or like we did, all three)…

All of us agreed that this was a great sandwich, no, a great meal – and plenty of it! I think this would have satisfied the biggest of “dudes” (and there was plenty of those in the deli).

I think if given the chance, we would gladly go back to the South College Deli again!