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The North Carolina Quilt Symposium begins tomorrow.

I am excited to go, and already miss BHE all at the same time. I am looking forward to spending a few days with my roommate (she is a popular girl and I don’t ever get her by herself for a while) and also looking forward to my classes.

This is my first Symposium – I participated last year by organizing the Quilt Show but I don’t think that counts. So, it is the day before, and am I ready? Not by a long shot!


I have chosen, packed, unpacked, changed my mind and re-packed the fabrics for my classes several times. I have packed my sewing supplies, sewing machine and accessories in what I think is a compact way that I think will work, and I have made a feeble attempt to pack my clothes, linens and towels.


To heighten my anxiety, I am not the one driving! Which means, if I forget something vital (or what I consider to be vital), I can’t just jump in the car and run to Wal Mart to get it.

I am also taking two books with me that I would like the authors to sign: Flavin Glover, who does fantastic Log Cabin variations, and whose class I would have loved to take if it only was not interfering with my other class; and Paula Nadelstern, whose class I am taking and really, really excited about (let’s see how excited I’ll be after I am in the class and not understanding a thing!).