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As mentioned in my previous post, this is my first Quilt Symposium attendance. As such, I put a lot if thought into what I should wear for the days I will be gone (and I asked my room mate who has more Symposium experience what she is taking). In addition, all attendees received a letter after registering that reminded us that we needed to bring most of our own linen and towels. The letter also pointed out that the dorm has community showers, which means one has to be (somewhat) clothed to travel from the room to the shower.

I guess it is worth mentioning here that I have not owned a robe in several decades. I had decided to use an oversized T-shirt dress as a makeshift robe, but several not-so-subtle hints from BHE (best husband ever) led me to believe that he would much prefer if I owned a “proper” robe. So, this morning, and mainly to please him, I bought one:

For the trip going down there, I chose this outfit; comfortable and casual, and almost unwrinkleable (yes, I know there is no such English word):

For opening ceremonies, I selected this dress and shirt; I figured if someone snaps a photo that includes me, I won’t look that terrible:

And Friday morning, classes start! For two days of classes, I needed two outfits that are comfortable, promote ease of movement, and will allow me to change the “temperature” (make myself warmer or colder, depending on the climate in the classroom). I packed a third one as a “emergency backup”:



The two different shoes only mean that I have not decided which pair to take….

The clothes, appropriate undergarments, nightclothes, bedding (including quilt and pillow), towels, toiletries, shoes, fabrics and other class supplies, and the sewing machine make for quite a full car for me and my roommate!