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Ok, so my intention had been to “blog along” as Symposium was going on.  As you notice, I did not make it passed a couple of arrival photos on my Facebook page.  I will try and sum up my experience(s) at Symposium here – but it may take more than one blog post!

My friend and roommate rode to Wilmington together, and while she relaxed in front of the dormitory, I went into a NCQSI Board Meeting.

Then, check in – we received our tote bags (filled with maps, more detailed class information, schedules, coupons and such) and our room keys.

IMG_5512After that, we decided to race over to the Quilt Show because we wanted to see our quilts hanging up.  We had a VERY short period of time to get there and do this; we had to get back for opening ceremonies…

And there hung our quilts – Mary Ann had two in the show, Sana had two in the show, and I sent four.  Imagine our surprise when we realized that between the three of us we won seven, yes SEVEN ribbons!

The next couple of days flew by – we went to the Dining Facility, had classes, went to the Dining Facility, went to the Quilt Show, went to the Dining Facility (can you tell there was a lot of eating involved?).  But, in between all that I realized a couple of things.  We talk about the camaraderie a lot, but experiencing it is a whole different ball game!  And while I did not get to meet a whole lot of new people (I am really not a people person), I got to know my acquaintances a lot better.

I also once again realized that many of us do not understand/realize how fortunate we are.  The UNCW campus is expansive and the distances are a bit more than what we all are used to!  Well, we walked pulling our machines and equipment behind us, loaded down with bags of fabric – and most of us handled it pretty well.  Some did not…I heard some complaining about the distance, some about the community bathrooms, etc. etc.  All of this we were informed about before hand!  There were two ladies in wheelchairs – they did not complain once, they were happy and cheerful –

During meals is when opportunity for conversations and exchange of ideas took place.  I met one of the teachers, a young woman from northern Virginia and had the opportunity to experience her wit and sense of humor – and I liked it! I did not take her class, and our only interaction was in an informal setting.  That helped the conversation be more open and “free” (I think)…

I took classes from Paula Nadelstern on one day, and Jacquie Gering the second.  What a contrast!  Paula is precise, and her templates are created with exact measurements and mathematical calculations.  Jacquie is a “just-slice-it” kind of girl. Slice a piece of fabric and see where it takes you…


Jacquie Gering

Both classes were very well presented and both were right up my alley.  I can see myself completing both projects that I started in class.

The days went by way too quickly, and despite my reservations and hesitation about participating in Symposium, I have already signed up for next year!

Btw, more of my thoughts about specific events of the weekend will come in subsequent posts!