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The morning of the oven delivery, I placed a roast in a pan, surrounded it by onions, carrots, celery and new potatoes, and covered it in salt, pepper, rosemary from my garden and olive oil.

When the installers walked in, they saw the roast and chuckled – they were nice and professional and the ovens were installed within a couple of hours.  Before the front door had closed behind them, the ovens were pre-heating and the roast was placed in the top oven in short order.


Very quickly the house was filled with the aroma of rosemary and this simple roast was a feast for us that evening!  BHE was tasting good food, and my happiness.  I was tasting a sense of accomplishment, confirming once again that waiting and saving is sooo much better than instant gratification and debt!

I didn’t think my world could get much better, but it had.  And the next day, BHE’s world got better too: I made him “yellow cake with chocolate frosting” (he loves the stuff!)…



I see bread baking in my near future!