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About a week ago, I finally had my long awaited eye appointment; one that I had spent many, many months asking the VA for…..(yes, I am one of those vets).

After the doctor’s assistant put me through a battery of tests with a great number of machines, I was placed in a room to wait for the doctor…

It seemed forever before he came in – and when he did, the news was not terribly good. He said I have the onset of cataracts and “drooping” eye lids….

Trying to make me feel better (I think) he said: “at 56 or 57 it’s normal to have the onset of cataracts”. “I am 51”, I replied. His response? “Well, the earlier we see the onset, the faster they will progress” – really, doc? Way to go with the pep talk!

Immediately following the exam, Charlie and I went to LensCrafters to get my new glasses. With BHE’s help, I picked a frame that is a great departure from what I usually wear; thankfully they were also very inexpensive (the lenses more than made up for what I saved on the frames). And of course, they were not ready in one hour. They were promised in an hour, but when I returned to the store one hour later, I was told it would be another 40 minutes.

I picked them up the next morning and a week later, I still like them. I do have to admit though, that the whole cataract thing brought me face to face with my own aging process! My first, second and third thoughts were “I am too young for this!”

But then, I decided that life is still really, really good, and that this is by far not the end of the world. Stay tuned!

(Photo below is me getting fitted for new glasses!)