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So, here is a picture of our bedroom:



You really can’t tell from the picture but it is a rather large room (14′ x 16′) with an adjoining bathroom and a sitting area on the other side (also adjoining).  The sitting area is tiled and we are using it as a gym…

BHE (Best Husband Ever) is going fishing this weekend – he is leaving at lunch today (Friday) and returning home on Sunday, also around lunch.  So once again, I have concocted a surprise for him.  One of these days, I will actually enjoy a weekend of piece and quiet while he is gone!  But anyhow, this weekend, I am having a bedroom-flooring-remodel.  Our two grandsons are coming over this afternoon to help me empty the room and tear out the carpet.  The original plan was to lay the flooring with the help of our oldest grandson.  But since timing is an issue, our contractor Jamie will come in tomorrow morning and lay it. Then, Sunday morning, we will replace the furniture.

Emptying the room should not be a problem, but I am a bit worried about the ginormous armoire and the equally large headboard….we will have to be very careful with those two items!

I am excited about the whole project; when we moved into this house (exactly two years ago now), this carpet removal was pretty close to the top of my list.  BHE and I don’t do things instantly, but go down a (fairly fluid) priority list, where functionality, funds and manpower are the main criteria.  Obviously the carpet was/is functional even though it is not the prettiest, mainly because it has been here since the house was built 15 years ago.  Now, it’s time…even though paying the contractor stings, since I know I could lay the thing myself!  I am proud to say that I laid the one in my sewing room which is pretty exactly twice the size (but it did take four days).

I love wood flooring, but that is so completely out of our budget that we decided on laminate.  I really love the laminate flooring upstairs in my sewing room, because it looks and feels like real wood.  The planks are long, wide and thick and even when walking on it, your feet feel real wood.

photo 4 - Version 2

So stay tuned for this weekend’s further happenings!