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BHE and our son-in-law, Charles, took off around lunchtime yesterday heading towards their fishing weekend.  Charles had dropped off my two grandsons with me (aged 13 and 18); the boys are 6’2″ and 6’4″ respectively, and Charlie thought they were coming over to help with cutting the grass.

We started “unloading” the furniture out of the room and the next time I looked up, the room was empty! Not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that this was going to go this quickly – even disassembling the head board and taking apart the TV/amplifier/cable box/speaker system thing and moving the armoire did not stop us!

photo 2

I handed each of the boys a pair of work gloves and a box cutter and we went to town on the carpet.  We cut, pulled, ripped and rolled it in order to get it into a manageable state.  Then, we decided to lift it out of the window onto the deck.  The young men then went around and carried it into the garage.  BHE and I will dispose of it next week.  The padding (underneath the carpet) succumb to the same fate….

Afterwards, we cleaned up the floor, cleaned up ourselves and went and had a nice dinner!

I did spread baking soda all over the floor yesterday evening.  I let it sit overnight and vacuumed it up this morning – this way, any smells that may have been on/in the plywood flooring underneath the carpet are hopefully gone!

This morning, our contractor extraordinaire arrived here bright and early.  The new floor is going in, and I am already looking forward to reloading the furniture!

photo 3