As I may have mentioned before :), my cousin is getting married today. My sister Marina flew in from Greece, I flew in from the States, and we are all staying at my sister Daphne’s in Vienna. Add my niece Bianca, and a friend’s two little girls to the mix; we are now all trying to get ready in an apartment with one bathroom!

Every imaginable surface in the apartment is covered in clothing, no one can find their make-up (mainly because someone else is using it), and brushes & combs are disappearing just as fast as everyone’s patience!

All of it though, is oodles of fun!



We decided to snap a couple of photos before we leave, because the wedding is outdoors and it is VERY hot today. that way, we have a memento of what we looked like before we arrived at the wedding sweaty, cranky and stinky!

More to come later!