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My cousin and his fiancée decided to do something different. they had the wedding ceremony at 12:00 (noon) in a beautiful garden in Vienna (more about the garden later), have a greeting line with canapés and sparkling wine immediately following and then a big party in the evening.

I found the format great! It allowed for family members and only their closest of friends, approx. 40 people, to be at the ceremony.





Then, at 6:00 p.m. There was a dinner & party at a local venue. That was the bigger event, and more of their friends and relatives were invited!

The food was great, dessert even better, the cake divine and the people fabulous! Great fun was had by all; I stayed out later than at anytime In recent memory (12:30 a.m.). My youngest sister and niece partied a bit 🙂 longer….


(The gentleman dancing in the front, and whom I never managed to photograph from the front, is the bride’s father).

After we had dinner, the bride changed into a shorter, teal and cream skirt.

I am sure everyone had lots of fun!

(More about the food, the cake, the games! In separate posts)….