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My cousin is half Greek and half Austrian, and his wife is German. They wanted to pay homage to all three countries though the food they served at their wedding – what a fabulous idea!

The appetizer consisted of a plates of “bites”. There were deep fried vegetables: zucchini (Greece) & celery root (Austria), tzatziki (Greece), There was also cheese dip with pretzels and cured ham.
The next course we were served was the salad. It consisted of mixed dark greens, with beef strips, dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette. The salad was very tasty, the portion was substantial. (I polished mine of before I even thought of taking a photo).

The rest of the meal was buffet style. Available were a selection of fish filets, roasted suckling pig, and Austrian style fried chicken. As a vegetarian option, there was vegetable strudel. Steamed vegetables, rice, parslied potatoes and leeks with creamed spinach were the sides.



My favorites were the suckling pig, and the leeks with the creamed spinach. Pork, particularly on a buffet can go dry really quickly, but this one was well prepared, moist and very flavorful. As far as the leeks and creamed spinach are concerned, I would have never thought of putting these two together, but they worked great! This is a dish I will definitely try to replicate! I also ate lots of parslied potatoes – this is a very austrian side dish and no matter how well one tries to make them anywhere else, they taste best in Austria!

There was also a salad bar, offering up tomato salad, tossed salad, pasta salad, cucumber salad, corn salad, and bean salad. And of course, Austrian potato salad (can you tell I heart potatoes?). Austrian potato salad is NOT dressed with mayonnaise and dose NOT contain eggs. The salads were very good, although I have to confess I did not try all of them – I was holding out for dessert! The only one dressed with a creamy dressing was the pasta salad, which in my humble opinion, was a great decision by the couple. Salads dressed with vinaigrette a are lighter and much more refreshing.


My only criticism of the salads would lie with the tomato salad….the flavor was great, but the tomatoes were cut into pieces that were too large – it made it a bit difficult to enjoy. Can you see the basket if breads in the bottom of the photo? We had lots if good bread too!

Now, on to dessert: This was true marriage of the three countries. The options were Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts (Greece), Topfenknodel (a dumpling made of a kind of cream cheese, rolled in sweetened toasted bread crumbs and served with a fruit preserve), and rote Grutze (Germany).


Rote Grutze is a very german pudding like dessert, traditionally made from currants and usually one other kind of berry. It can also be made with many kinds of berries. At the wedding it was served with vanilla ice cream. It was really, really good!

There was also wine from all three countries but I will not write about it here because I don’t drink wine. It would feel hypocritical to me to write about it…

This post has gotten quite lengthy, so I think I will write about the cake in my next post. I have to say that this menu was well thought out and very, very successful.