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Can you tell I have gotten my days mixed up?  I skipped over a whole day!

I’ve discovered an online Friday Night Sew In …. which is pretty much how my Friday nights are spent!  There is a common theme to most participants:

Sewing…..Chocolate…..an indulgent beverage (for some it’s tea, for some wine!)

It is over at Sugarlane Quilts (see the button on my sidebar).

Anyhow, I got some things accomplished Friday night….I completed another Block for my Kitchen on a Quilt, namely the hanging kitchen utensils.

IMG_6638Some of these pieces are 1/8″ wide/long, a challenge that is right up my alley!

The next block I tackled was the coffee cups.  As always, my biggest challenge was color placement. Here is the finished block:

IMG_6636My previous post (Saturday’s) shows the quilt as it has progressed so far:

IMG_2771The last block is in the works and I cannot wait to show it to you!