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Floral Fantasy Flyer


Recently, the Guild that I belong to was approach by the Botanical Garden in our town (Fayetteville, NC) to put up a Quilt Show.  Ordinarily, nothing so unusual about that, right? The unusual, crazy, nerve part is that the Show will take place in 6 (!!) – wait for it, not months, but weeks!!!

We, as a Guild accepted the offer and are now feverishly preparing to put up a what I like to call “Pop Up Quilt Show”.  The theme is “Floral Fantasy” and in addition to having a judged Quilt Show, we will also put up a Special Exhibit with as many historical quilts as we can gather.

I am excited!! (can you tell)?  We are not charging a submission fee and we are not requiring the “contestants” to be members of our guild.

We encourage everyone to enter quilts into the Show. There are NO age restrictions for quilts as we want to pay homage to Heritage Days and would like to have a wide variety of quilts.

Deadline for submission of the entry form is September 20th (21st if you are handing the form in at the Tarheel Guild General Meting).

More information is available at the Tarheel Quilters Guild website at our website.
On going updates will be posted on our Facebook page. Any questions you can’t find the answers to? Contact us at QuiltShow2014@outlook.com

We are also planning a special exhibit consisting of historical quilts….this should not only include antique quilts but also quilts from more recent years. Ideally we would love to see quilts from all decades, so we can all admire the progression of the art of quilting! This exhibit will only succeed if we all dig into our attics and basements and bring forth those quilts hidden away there!

I would love to see a great turnout, so all of you out there who might be reading this blog: send us your entries!!

The entry forms and entry rules are available online, and can also be submitted online (please do not forget to attach a photo of the quilt)

Tell all your friends, feel free to pass the flyer around and submit, submit, submit!!
(you do not have to be a member of the guild to enter)