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On my recent visit(s) to Austria, I got reacquainted with one of my favorite confection – chocolate bananas! But, because it is almost 30(!!) years later and things have progressed, the company now also makes chocolate mango (and chocolate strawberries).


I love the stuff!!

The chocolate shell is soft, milk chocolate; the inside is a gelatin-like-but-not-really substance that gives an intense burst of whatever flavor you purchased.


I bought two packs of each before I left Vienna, and have eaten myself through most of them. I went online to see if I can purchase them (since my mom is probably tired of me asking her to send me stuff), and to my great surprise Amazon apparently does sell everything! For a price! A very steep one!

A box of these candies retails for approx. USD 3.00 in Austria (EUR 1.99) – at Amazon, not so much…I would have to dish out USD 12.00 (plus shipping) per box for the Bananas, and USD 20.00 (plus shipping) for the Mangos!

I think I will wait till Mom asks me what I want for Christmas!!

P.S.:  I am NOT being paid for this post – all the wisdom contained within is mine and mine alone, and my only reward is the greatness of this candy…