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I have finished the last block in the kitchen quilt (thank you to Kristy from Quiet Play for the patterns).


Initially, I had laid out the blocks in neat columns and rows, surrounded by a white border.  Well, I don’t know about anyone else’s kitchen, but mine does not work that way.  It starts out as a neat, clean space with sanitized countertops and mopped floors. Then, chaos erupts as I prepare whatever (the more flour involved, the worse it gets).  There are all sorts of utensils, bowls, pots and pans all over the counters – then, when I am done, the space is back to neat.

So, I changed the layout.  The blocks are still surrounded by a white border, because “clean” is the overwhelming feeling I want people to have when they walk into my kitchen.  But, I bordered the blocks on only two sides – when I put the blocks together, it creates this irregular layout, representing the chaos while I’m cooking….

photo 1By the way, can you see in the photo above how BHE’s “salt and pepper” hair blends in to the background fabric of the teapot block?

Now, it’s on to the borders….there will be another round of white, then some of the Formica looking grey that I used for the countertops and then more white.

In addition, I am working hard on organizing our Quilt Show coming in October (see my previous post)…..

Floral Fantasy Flyer