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A little while back, I had gotten into the habit of posting a dinner photo (almost) each evening…then, we went home, and the habit sort of stopped.

Apparently, these photos are quite popular because I am being asked quite often to pick it back up – well, I won’t make any grandiose promises, but here is a start.

It is Labor Day this weekend, and everyone appears to be concentrating on burgers, steaks and hot dogs.  I decided I want something different this weekend, and so I pulled out a recipe I found in our local paper the other day and made it.  BHE’s reaction was luke warm.  You have to understand, he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, but giving him credit where credit is due, after the familiar “this is not something I am used to”, he will try almost anything.  Then he will make a statement that fits on a scale that goes like this:

(Silence, but) he gets up and tries to discreetly dispose of whatever I cooked; then he makes himself a sandwich; “this is eatable”, “it’s ok”, “this is good”, “this is really good, baby” and “you are becoming a decent cook”.  This latter one being the highest degree of praise – the “this is just like my mother used to make” has never been awarded to anyone as long as I can remember…

So, yesterday I made curried shrimp over a watermelon avocado salad – as I said, he was not enthused, awarding me an “it’s ok”…. I, on the other hand, really liked it! It is very light, refreshing, low cal and summer-y.  I think I will make this again (maybe on a day where he is gone fishing).

photo 3