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A few days ago, I came across an new (for me) blog: “Handle the Heat”.  She has a very interesting “Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies” on there; she took the basic Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and varied one ingredient at a time, observing the results each time – she then reported the results.  I love that (Alton Brown-esque) approach!

Anyway, that enticed me to subscribe to her blog, and over the weekend I received an email with her “Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie” recipe.  I of course, had to try it…

I have to say – I like it!  It is obvious that she gave this some thought (and obviously some testing) because these cookies are a step above:  there is a subtle pumpkin flavor, while chocolate is still the star.  They are not overwhelmingly sweet, and the amount of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves is sufficient to give you a hint of fall approaching.

I will definitely make these again!

photo 3