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As I’ve written before, it all started with an idea, continued with approx. 1 1/2 years of saving, several drives to IKEA (which is several hours away), several marital discussions (usually culminating in me saying “my kitchen is NOT a democracy”) and several hours of “construction” on both of our parts.

This is how the kitchen started out:
Then came this (and this is what it looked like for several months):

Then, came the big day:

And now, after I discovered that I had a credit at IKEA that I had to use up:

I love this cabinet! By the way, there is one more drawer that is not in the photo – I have not installed it yet….there is sooooo much storage in there.

The last thing that needs to be done, is to install the last drawer and then BHE has “volunteered” to fabricate and install a toe kick on the bottom (to complete the built in look). Can’t wait!