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When I came across Lori Kennedy’s blog, The Inbox Jaunt, I was immediately hooked. Then I came across the post that featured a paper pieced rose, and knew I had to attempt it….

And so, I pulled a bunch of scraps out of my under-the-table bin, and got started putting together random pink pieces. Here is the result:
I was not particularly pleased with the “flow” of the different shades of pink and so I began looking for a way to mute the contrast and create a more cohesive color. The answer? Tulle! Several different shades of it….

I overlaid the different pinks with a a layer of tulle, then began quilting…

Some of the tulle has little sparklies in it, and some has a crinkly texture…

It like the way it turned out!

The final question became how to bind the piece. Pink? Green? Brown? I decided on brown – and here is the result:

(This is also my feeble attempt at better quilt photography….)