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I don’t remember how this idea started.

We have a hallway that runs from the front door directly into the rear side of the kitchen. Along one of the walls is a large closet, that had been converted into a study area – I am using this area as my office.

The idea was to put a wall up, blocking the through way into the kitchen…..Charlie decided that this week would be a good time for this project; the wall went up a couple of days ago:


On the right side of the picture, you can see a small sliver of the closet office.

Here is what the wall looks like from the kitchen side:

The framing and sheet rock went up fast and with a minimal amount of a mess. The “mudding” was a bit messier but still not too terribly bad. Then of course, Charlie announced that he would have to sand. That word alone creates a sense of panic and anxiety in me! Because this house has a VERY open layout, I had nightmares of sheet rock dust everywhere (and I mean everywhere!).

In order to avoid this, when I got up yesterday, I went about covering every surface in the kitchen with sheets; then I tried to “seal” the kitchen off from the rest of the house. Here is what the kitchen looked like before and then about half way through my “draping” process:

Charlie sanded, first the kitchen side, then the office side (that I had also sealed), and then emerged covered in fine sheet rock dust….his dark blue jumpsuit looked light blue, his dark skin looked ashen and he was followed by a cloud of haze wherever he went in the house.  Thankfully, he went straight into the shower!

All the draping paid off – there was only minimal cleanup to be done:  We swept, vacuumed and mopped the floors, I wiped down the exposed light fixtures (I had taken off the globes and any other parts that could be removed beforehand) and threw all the draping sheets into the wash.  The sheets by the way, stirred up a cloud of fine dust any time I touched them!

In the next few days – Paint!