I know you all have been waiting with baited breath to see how I did – so here it is:

IMG_2875A second place ribbon for our “dog” quilt. I made a “nice” quilt for our bed; then BHE decided to let the dogs up there with him. So I made this quilt for the dogs to lay on….I am proud of this ribbon because it beat out some pretty stiff competition.

IMG_2878The rose came in third – I particularly enjoyed one of the comments the judge made. She said she thought the “restraint use of glittery was particularly effective”.IMG_2880My kitchen quilt also received a 2nd place ribbon.  This one I enjoyed because this is my first attempt at “ruler work” when quilting.

IMG_2879My airplane bag came in third – a very pleasant surprise!

IMG_2877Yeaaah! “Time” came in first in it’s category. I am very proud of this one – it is a very complicated pieces with tiny components, was very time consuming and required immense attention to detail.

IMG_2545“Kimono” received an Honorable Mention.  The photo does not show the ribbon because we never hung this one up in the Show – time just got away from me!

Overall, it was a successful show but I am happy for a day of rest today! Well, part of it anyway – I have quilts to mail back to their owners, props to unload from the truck, a house to vacuum, and plenty of housework to do!