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Most mornings, I go for a brisk walk around my neighborhood – I try to walk more than two miles. Sometimes a lot more (I’ve done as many as four or five).

Even though my neighborhood is very safe, when I walk, I am aware of my surroundings…especially because some of the people here tend to leave their (very large) dogs roam freely in their front yards. When they start barking at me, their reaction usually is “oh, don’t worry, he/she is very friendly” – really people? When this “very friendly” dog fletches its teeth and barks at me, I am concerned – and it really does not matter to me whether it’s a Poodle or a Doberman!

But, I digress! I am even more aware of people….I walk early in the morning, and I don’t see many people, but the ones I do I try not to get too close to – one never knows (sad that we have to be this careful)…

Yesterday, almost at the end of my walk, I walked past yet another house with an open garage. iIt’s owner was in the driveway, rummaging through a military backpack resting in the trunk of his car…the young man suddenly turned around, and extended his hand towards me. In it, was a bottle of water. I took it, and thanked him.

He has no idea, how this small gesture influenced my entire day and it reminded me of something I used to do a decade ago.

We lived in an apartment complex, where the owner, an elderly gentleman, used to mow the lawn in the middle of the day in the blistering heat, with the sun beating down on him. I started buying little single serve bottles of orange juice and giving them to him, to replace his electrolytes. After a while I told him to just go in the apartment and get his juice out of the fridge (as the owner he had the Master Key). After some resistance, he did, and always left the empty bottle sitting at the edge of the sink as proof for us that he had been there. Now in his eighties, we don’t see him often, but when we do, he mentions the juice – such a little gesture on my part!

That random act yesterday, did the same for me – so, THANK YOU, unknown GI!!