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The Sweet Palette has added its bright purple and green logo to the downtown Fayetteville scene. The sign promises “creative cupcakes and more”, so I was eager to give them a try.

Their soft opening was last Thursday and I decided to stop by and pick up some goodies for the crew at the early voting site. I arrived there at 10:10, ten minutes after they were to open and the doors were still locked. Just as I was about to leave a young man appeared and opened the doors.

The building itself is gorgeous! Exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and small round mismatched (in a good way) tables and chairs really create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere. There are three lit cases to showcase the baked goods. That’s the left side of the store.


The right side is a different story – it’s still under construction, and since it is not divided by the other half in any way it is a bit distracting (a divider of some sort would be of great help!)

The store currently offers cupcakes, cheesecake bites and cake bites. On the day that I was there, they were offering five flavors of cupcakes (salted caramel, peanut butter, Nutella, Oreo and red velvet), three kinds of cake bites (birthday cake, peanut butter, and chocolate) and various flavors of cheesecake bites (New York Style, apple, banana and several others). I bought an assortment of most everything! I was excited!


Everything looked really, really good! On presentation this cupcakery gets an A+!

Now on to flavors : the first item I sunk my teeth into was the Nutella cupcake. The amount of icing was appropriate, and the cake was very light and mildly chocolate flavored. I found a little surprise inside – Nutella filling. Unfortunately, the filling was not the soft, creamy Nutella that I know – it had the texture of seized chocolate. The entire cupcake (cake, icing and filling) had a mild (very mild) chocolate flavor, no Nutella (hazelnut) on my taste buds at all!


Next I tried the cake bites (more than one, I might add)….

One could determine their flavor more from the color of the cake then the flavor, really. The chocolate flavor was extremely mild and I would have not been able to tell the peanut butter ones if someone had not told me that that’s what they were. I am not sure what “birthday cake” flavor is, but the cake inside was a tan color and the cake was very sweet.

But my main observation about the cakes bites is the texture. With “cake bites” I expected bite size portions of baked cake. What I got was “cake dough bites” – the cake in the inside was gooey and had a cookie dough sort of texture.


Last, but definitely not least, the cheesecake bites: in my humble opinion, the best thing in the bakery!!! A cloud of cheesecake sitting atop of a round of graham cracker crust. The ratio of crust to cheesecake is perfect, the flavors clearly discernible and distinct, the texture light and creamy.


Also, the bakery does not offer anything other than the items I described.  There is no coffee or other drinks, no cakes, pastries or tea sandwiches.  In my opinion, a clear missed opportunity particularly since they are located downtown, a mere block from the courthouse or children’s museum!