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Yesterday (Monday), I was supposed to bake the sponge for the coconut cake, purchase the remaining groceries, make the brine for the turkey and also make the cranberry sauce (yes, I make mine from scratch). The cranberry sauce can be made the week before but well, that did not happen.

I completed some of my tasks – baked the sponge (only to realize that I needed another one) and the groceries are done. I made the cranberry sauce but totally forgot the brine!

So today’s schedule got a bit longer. I have two make an additional sponge(done!) and the brine (also done). I have to brine the turkey, make the pie crusts and de-frost the chitterlings. When the cakes have cooled, which will take at least a few hours, the cake has to be filled and frosted. The turkey fryer has to be prepped, and the chitterlings placed into the crockpot – ready to be cooked tomorrow.

So no more time to compose blog posts! On to work!