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First, to yesterday’s accomplishments:

The turkey is brined. I use a brine made of wine, tons of spices, onions and garlic. I line my red bucket with a clean plastic bag and place the frozen turkey in it. The brine gets poured in top, the bag gets tied, and then the bucket is set on the deck outside the back door. I take its temperature once or twice a day with a meat thermometer in order to make sure it stays cold enough and does not defrost too quickly.


Coconut Cake is sitting pretty! (In the fridge).


Pie Crusts are done (eight of them!)

So, on to today: pies have to be made, vegetables prepped (yes, our Thanksgiving dinner includes generous amounts of vegetables), linens washed and ironed, chitterlings and collard greens cooked.

BHE does the chitterlings and collards (This involves me having to stay close and answer lots of questions about the location of my kitchen utensils).

Off to the kitchen I go!