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I am relatively new to Bonnie Hunter; one of my guild-mates did her Mystery Quilt last year and she mentioned that it was quite challenging. So, I decided to participate this year.

About a month ago, Bonnie showed the colors she had chosen on her website:

photo 3

In addition to the colors above, blacks and neutrals are also needed – we all know what blacks and neutrals look like so no picture needed!

As I am not a big friend of pink (that’s an understatement), I replaced the pinks with a deep shade of plum:


Those of you that have seen my kitchen my kitchen quilt, may recognize the plum from that quilt – I bought waaaaay too much of it!

This past Friday, the starting bell rang for this mystery quilt – and it went off with a bang! I have a LOT of respect of people’s intellectual property; therefore I don’t want to reveal too much thus violating her copyright; but if you are interested, hop on over to Bonnie’s website (Grand Illusion Mystery tab). All the information is there, and participation is free. Suffice it to say, that in order to keep up, I have to cut 760 pieces of fabric and then saw them together into 280 blocks – all by next Thursday!

Here are some of my pieces/blocks:

By the way, I discovered a fabulous way to make 4 half square triangles at a time!

I am estimating that I am approx. halfway done (this may be wishful thinking on my part) – I’m curious to see what next Friday brings!  UPDATE: as of this morning (Monday) I am now 90% done!!!! Yeah!!!!