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This last Friday, clue #2 was released by Bonnie. This one is even more labor intensive than the first one! Bonnie always make sure to say that we should work at our own pace, and I am definitely not a fast sewer, but even with my best effort, I don’t think I can complete all of the units required in one week…

Some of the participants in the Mystery Quilt Along decided to drop out because of the complexity of this clue. I figured I’d try it – Bonnie offered three different methods with which one could complete this clue. I chose one of those methods and went to work!

This clue required us to cut more than 500 (!) pieces of fabric (rectangles and squares), mark them and then sew them into double diamond units.


So far, I’ve cut all the squares, most of the rectangles and have completed 25 of the double diamond units. Many, many more to come….

Information and directions/clues on this mystery quilt can be found on Bonnie’s blog; Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt tab!