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Clue #3 gave three days ago (Friday). this last weekend has been a bit busy, so I did not have as much time to devote as I would have liked, but I did manage to complete 49 of the 120 blocks required….


Bonnie’s instructions have us complete two sets of four strips (sewn together), then cut in sections of four squares each, and then sew them together into units of eight squares. While I am sure that this is probably the most expedient method, I decided to take a different approach….mainly because my strips never end up as straight as they should be.

I cut gazillions (960 to be exact) of squares with my newly won Accuquilt Baby Go! in the colors required. I am sewing together 240 four patches which will then be sewn into the required units.

So far I have made 49 of these units….let’s see if I can keep up and finish all of them by Friday!

Just to recap – here are photos of the units completed in each of the previous steps:



I cannot wait to see how we are going to put it all together! Stay tuned….

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