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My husband decided that I had to have a new car – not new to me, not slightly used, but brandspanking, roll-off-the-lot-with-zero-miles kind of car. He decided on the car and would not tell me what kind of car he had purchased! All this happened in September….

Yesterday morning we drove to Raleigh to pick up “my” new car! All I had asked for was a reliable car with heat and a cup holder. What I got is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of! I got a Tesla!


It is a technological marvel! It is all electric, and is the only car built specifically for electricity. It has a range of approx. 250 miles on a single charge, and it can charge up in 20 minutes.


Beyond that, it has an impressive control center, where one can adjust everything from the position of the mirrors, to the temperature of the seats to the timing of the charging. The car has its own WiFi; when there are new software updates it updates itself!


One of the great things about the car having its own internet, is internet radio. I can now listen to Ö3 (Austrian radio out of Vienna) and also some stations out of Athens!

The car “reads” speed limit signs and let’s me know when I go more than 3 miles over the speed limit, it chimes at me when I get too close to the center line, and when it is parked, it lets me know where it is!

The picture below, shows it in our garage, after we got ti home yesterday afternoon; it is having a little snack, topping off its charge…


Oh, and did I mention it has two cupholders?